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VISION To be a leading Institution in making Nigeria a great Exporter among the Exporting Nations and to contribute to the growth of Nigerian commodities to sufficiency for the industries and International Market


  1. To work to achieve the mission of making Nigeria a leading exporting Country in the World.
  2. To make available to the Federal, State and Local Governments, agencies and the Private Sector including the General Public with research information required in achieving good policies on Export and International Trade and Commodities Production in Nigeria.
  3. To create an enabling environment for the commercialization of the research work developed by some government agencies and Private researchers on area related to Export and Commodities Production in Nigeria.
  4. To see that Export is the Corner Stone of Nigeria greatness, which must be invested upon.
  5. To promote peaceful and cordial relationship among agencies handling Export Practices in Nigeria.


Promote Export to demote Import.


The Institute is non-Political and non-Religious Organization and has set aside the following as the aims and objectives:

  1. The Institute shall hold, acquire and dispose of any property movable or immovable subject to the Land Use Act 1978
  2. The Institute shall research and locate all Exportable products from Agriculture, Mineral Resources and Manufactured goods that are available in Nigeria for Export.
  3. To partner relevant agencies and companies in creating an interchange point between the Commodity Producers, Nigerian Distributors and Export Merchants for the storage of their products and to quicken product inspection of Export.
  4. To liaise with Federal, State and Private Sector, Local Government and relevant agencies/Association in Nigeria on how to make all Export Processing Zones in Nigeria to be functioning, viable and to see that more of such are establish for the Promotion and Exportation of made in Nigerian goods.
  5. To establish professional Standard in training, to benefit Nigerians who wish to go into practical Export and earn income from commodity wealth in Nigeria in collaboration with appropriate Agencies and Association,
  6. To define and follow-up the execution of the processes of refining the crude products or Commodity in a civilized manner to meet International standard in the world market in collaboration with the appropriate agencies or/and Association
  7. Determining the standards of knowledge and skill to be attained by persons seeking to become registered members of the Profession and reviewing those standards, from time to time as circumstance may demand.
  8. Securing in accordance with the provisions of the Institute bye-law the establishment and maintenance of Registers of Members of the Profession and the publication, from time to time of lists of those persons.
  9. Regulating the discipline and Professional conduct of the members
  10. Promoting the highest standard of competence, practice and conduct among the Members of the Profession.
  11. Making provision for Education, Training and conduct of Examination, award of qualifications to deserving and qualified Members of the Profession wishing to become Commodity Brokers, Shipping Agents, Export merchant, Products Packing Consultant and Practicing Managers on International Trade in Nigeria.
  12. To advance Public Education towards Commerce and Industry, particularly the need for raw materials Import, finished goods Export Commodity research and grading, in addition to educate those who are or may become involved or interested in Export and Commodity trade as a Profession in this Act referred to as “the Profession”.
  13. To associate with Government programmes meant for the development and promotion of Export and Commodity Trade in Nigeria and also to associate with foreign and local institutions having similar objectives on Export and Commodity trading for the purpose of attaining excellence in the Institute bye-law International Trade as a business in Nigeria.
  14. To examine, research and analyze problems connected with Export and Commodity Trade in Nigeria and to publish the results of such work together with recommendation and advice, make the same available to all persons firms or companies engaged in Export and Commodity Trade whether or not members of the Institute.
  15. Arranging conferences, seminars symposia and meetings for the discussion of Export and Commodity Trade Profession by means of periodical issues of a journal of the Institute and to organize post-qualification courses for its members.
  16. Doing such things as may advance and promote the advancement of Export and Commodity Trade and Business in both the public, the private sector of the economy and performing through the council of all functions established under the Institute bye-law as conferred on it by the Act.


To achieve the above objectives, the Institute:

  1. Offers Membership of the Institute to any person who may satisfy the Membership requirements for various categories of Membership from time to time.
  2. Devises and imposes means for testing knowledge of Students /Members in exporting particularly the knowledge of those wishing to become members of the Institute and grant Certificate of qualification to such persons as the Institute may dream fit.
  3. Holds Conferences, Seminars, Workshops and Meetings to discuss, consider and promote method of attaining the objectives of the Institute.
  4. Increases and disseminate publicly, knowledge, expertise and to encourage the exchange of information and ideas in regard to all matters connected with International Trade and Export Management.
  5. Advises the Government and other authorities on all aspects of International trade on the education and training of those involved in Export business.
  6. Build or acquire by purchase, donation, request or otherwise a library and to acquire, sell or exchange book work or manuscripts and to compile, print, publish, lend, sell or distribute to both members and other organizations that may be involved in the business practice training and Research on Export Management.
  7. Accept diverse gift or donation whatsoever (whether of money or property of any description) towards the objectives of the Institute and to apply the same or the proceeds of sale or realization thereof for the objectives of the Institute.