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  • A person shall be eligible to be registered as a member of the Institute of he/she satisfies the Council that:
  • At the time of applying for membership, he/she holds a qualification from other professional bodies considered by the Council as relevant and equivalent to that of the Chartered Institute of Export and Commodity Brokers of Nigeria; or
  • Before the commencement of this membership processing he/she is a graduate of the Institute of Export Programme or a graduate of Export, Shipping and Petroleum Management or International Trade Management from a recognized higher Institute; or
  • Have passed the Foundation level for the qualifying Examination of the Institute or
  • Holds five credits in West African School Certificate Examination or General Certificate of Education or Senior School Certificate Examinations or National Examination Council (NECO) AND National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) in the following subjects: viz English, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Business Management, Commerce, Accounting and other related subjects, or
  • Matured candidates with minimum age of 30 years and in practice of Export and Commodity Trade.
  • He/she is a citizen of Nigeria and was immediately before the commencement of this processing holding a Managerial Post or Chief Executive of an Export or Commodity trade firm
  • Subjects as aforesaid, a person shall also be entitled to be registered if he/she holds such Certificate as may be recognized by the Council from time to time.
  • All application for registration should be Obtained from the Secretariat, fill and return, which shall be in addition to evidence of qualification satisfy the Council that:
  • he/she is of good character;
  • he/she has attained the age of twenty-one years, and
  • he/she has not been convicted in Nigeria or elsewhere of an offence involving  fraud or dishonesty.
  • The Council may in its sole discretion provisionally accept a qualification produced in respect of an application for registration under this Section or that the application be renewed within such period as may be specified in this Section
  • The Council shall make regulations generally for its purposes under the Institute Charter and bye-law, and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing regulation made, may provided for:
  • The persons or category of persons who may enter for Examination held or conducted by this Institute
  • The conduct entrants during such examinations


(a)  Membership by Examinations

(b)  Membership by Admission or Election

(a)        Membership by Examinations

(i)         Charter Members:

Practicing Fellow members with years of experience who have contributed to the growth og the Institute or Nigeria will be elected Charter member of Chartered Institute of Export and Commodity Brokers of Nigeria and authorized to use the initial CMECB after his/her name.

(i)        Fellow Members

(ii) The Council shall register member as a Fellow member of the Institute provided

(a)  he/she satisfied Subsection (A) above;

(b)  that member has published an acceptable thesis or dissertation on appropriate subject, or

(c)  that member has been a Full Member for a period of at least 5 years and must have contributed to the growth of the Institute and Export and Commodity Trade Persons admitted to Fellow Membership grade shall be entitled to use the letter FECB after his/her name.

Full Member

(iii)  The Council shall register any member as a Full member of the Institute provided

  • He/she satisfied subsection above
  • That member is engaged in any work relating to or connected with International Trade or Commodity Trade for almost fifteen years, and
  • That Member has been an Associate Member for a minimum of five years. Persons admitted to Full Membership grade shall be entitled to use the letter MECB after their names.

Associate Members

(iv)  The Council shall cause to be registered as an Associate Member of the Institute any person who has passed the Professional Examinations prescribed by the Institute or claim exemptions for having similar qualifications  having the required practical experience.  Person admitted to Associate Membership grade shall be entitled to use the letters AMECB after his/her names

Graduate Members

(v) Graduate Members shall be registered by the Council on completion of Advanced Diploma in International Trade and Shipping Management or Advanced Diploma in Business Finance and Foreign Exchange Administration or Higher Professional Diploma in Export Practice and Commodity Management or Final Diploma Programme in Export Practice and Management he/she would become Associate Member after a minimum of two years Practice in related field.  He/she uses designatory letter GECB after their names.


Persons not registered under subsection (A) above shall be entitled to be registered under the honourary grade after satisfying that such person have contributed to the profession

Fellow Members

(i)         (a) if he/she satisfy the Council for the period of at least twenty-five years immediately preceding the date of application in that behalf, he/she has been engaged in business relating to Export, Import, Shipping Petroleum and Commodity Trade activities and have attained top management level in the Industry or have contributed meaningfully to Economic and Industrial growth of the nation, shall be registered as Fellow Member of the Institute.

(b)  Person admitted to Fellow Membership (Honourary) grade shall also be entitled to use the letters FECB(Hon.) after his/her names

Full Members

(ii) The Council shall register people as Full Members of the Institute

  • If he/she satisfies the Council that he/she has alternative equivalent qualifications together with adequate managerial experience.
  • If he/she is 40 years of age at the time of application and have put in a minimum of fifteen years in the Practice of Import/Export business or any business with International character.
  • A person admitted to Full Membership grade shall be entitled to use the letter MECB (Hon) after his/her names.

Licentiate Members

(iii) These are for Senior Citizens who are fairly educated and those who are entering the Profession with qualification but without experience but could be honoured for their practical contributions to Export and Commodity Trade in Nigeria He/she uses the initiate LECB(Hon) after the names.

(iv)  Student Members

  • Those people who are of minimum of 21 years old and satisfy the Institute requirements shall be registered as a Student Member of the Institute.

       Certificate of Membership

        All registered Members shall be entitled to receive from the Council, Certificate of registration for membership to the grade with whom he/she was registered during the Award Ceremony

(v)   Corporate Membership

(e) (i) The Council shall confer Corporate Membership of the Institute on any Company,  Firm or Corporation, which it consider fit for the honour.

(iii)  A Corporate Member of the Institute shall be a company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and has at least two Professional Members of the Chartered Institute of Export and Commodity Brokers of Nigeria as directors or Management Staff heading Export and / or Commodity trade departments.


After reading through the above and you are interested in CIECOBON Membership, you are to pay for the Membership form (see the fees list)

The payment is made payable to the Institute account and attached the teller to the printed form with credential and two passport photographs.

The form is then forwarded to the Secretariat for processing



All intending members who needed clarification on any of the above grade of membership should call

The Registrar

Chartered Institute of Export and Commodity Brokers of Nigeria

Adebowale House

Block B (2nd floor),

150 Ikorodu Road Way,

Lagos State.